ABOUT the Arctaris Income Fund, LP:
Arctaris Income Fund is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Launched in January 2009, the fund utilizes an innovative security structure with royalties pegged to future revenue growth instead of dilutive stock or warrants. The managers of the firm have over 50 years of private equity and venture capital experience, having funded more than 3 dozen companies, as well as entrepreneurial, operating, investment banking and consulting experience.
ABOUT the Arctaris Michigan Income & Principal-Protected Growth Fund, LP:
The Arctaris Michigan Fund is headquartered out of the Detroit, Michigan office. Launched in July 2013 in conjunction with the State of Michigan, the fund seeks to construct a portfolio of secured loans to profitable small businesses that are underserved in the prevailing credit market. The fund uses the same security structure as the predecessor Arctaris Income Fund, and also benefits from a first loss provision taken by the State of Michigan that provides a credit cushion of up to 20%, protecting our private LPs.
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